Section Manager’s Report


March 2020

Dan Ringer, K8WV

West Virginia Section Manager





Radio amateurs are generally considered a valuable national resource. As a result, we need to take care of it (us). So, in this time of national emergency it’s up to each of us to protect our portion of it (us). So, as difficult as it may be, STAY HOME unless absolutely necessary! And, good luck to each of you (us)!



** Jeanie L. Dalton, KB8QLC, SK


Jeanie was licensed in Charleston, West Virginia and a very active ham in Southern WV. She served as a net control for traders nets, ARES, Skywarn, SET’s, balloon launches, and a local train derailment with potential chemical spillage.


While in Charleston, she was a member of 3 radio clubs. She served on the Board of Directors for WVAR, Inc; as Vice President of KARC; as Vice President of the Charleston Area Hamfest Committee; a fund raiser for Mac’s (W8XF) balloon launches and for the Charleston hamfest committee.


In March of 2000, she was named the Kanawha-Putnam County Amateur of the Year for 2000.


In January of 2001, she relocated to Lexington, Kentucky, where she worked as a nurse at the University of Kentucky Medical Center. She passed away on March 2, in Morgantown



** Congratulations to New EC’s


Congratulations to Dave Sypolt, KC8YSO, and Ronnie Lefler, Jr., WV8T, who have been apponted as Emergency Coordinators for Preston and Nicholas Counties respectively. You can contact either at <callsign>


Have you claimed you email address?






Want to become famous in the WV Section? Volunteer for an ARRL Section League Appointment!




Each ARRL affiliated club should have a designated Public Information Officer (PIO)! Basically, the PIO is the club public relations officer, and is nominated by their club and appointed by the Section Manager. You can read the official position description at







We have several openings for Emergency Coordinators. Ideally, we would have one in each county. It is a serious position. You can read about it here:


Basic requirements: Technician-class license or higher; full ARRL membership, and achievement of Level 3 qualifications. (Must, within the period of 1 year, from the issuance of this document or appointment as EC, whichever comes later, or such further time period as authorized by the SM, complete all of the requirements for Level 3 qualification.)

In addition to the basic requirements it is important that an EC make a good impression when dealing with governmental officials, have excellent speaking and writing skills, work well with others as both a leader and a follower, and make monthly, timely reports to the SEC.





Are you looking for a club? Contact Spence Graham, He’s the Section Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC). He’ll hook you up an ARRL Affiliated club or clubs close to you. You can also go to the West Virginia State Amateur Radio Council(WVSARC)website and check “Club Contact for new members.” It lists some clubs that are not ARRL Affiliated.

If there isn’t a club near you, and you’d like to start one, we can help with that. Don’t know how to organize a club? We can help with that, too! Contact




As of March 4, 2020


Matthew S Spraker, KE8NZV, Bluefield, WV 24701-7789

Kristen R Taylor, KE8NZW, Princeton, WV 24740-9224

Kameron R Hall, KE8NZU, Peterstown, WV 24963-6031

Mitchell J Petrunyak, KE8NZT, Red House, WV 25168-7606

Michael J Hess, KE8NZS, South Charleston, WV 25309-4673

Frank Anderson, KE8NZG, Martinsburg, WV 25404-0412

John D Bair, KE8NZH, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411-7259

Clarence L Howell, KE8NXS, Barboursville, WV 25504-1107

Robert L Gibson, KE8NZK, Scott Depot, WV 25560-9744

Anthony L Workman, KE8NXQ, Huntington, WV 25701-9722

Welland D Burnside, KE8OAA, Wheeling, WV 26003-4991

Jakob W Gardill, KE8NYP, Moundsville, WV 26041-1888

Mark A Voss, KE8NWV, Rockport, WV 26169-9709

Benjamin C Cox, KE8NYK, Grafton, WV 26354-7863

Matthew D Bubnar, KE8NYQ, Philippi, WV 26416-0654

Pranav R Sanghavi, KE8NYL, Morgantown, WV 26501-6635

Natalie K Ott, KE8NYR, Morgantown, WV 26505-1853

Hasan Ibraheem, KE8NYM, Morgantown, WV 26508-9009

Karl B Jarvis, KE8NYN, Core, WV 26541-7185

Harry Musgrove, KE8NYJ, Fairmont, WV 26554-8678

Eamonn P Payton, KE8NYO, Mount Lookout, WV 26678-9308

Monte Carpenter, KE8OBG, Keyser, WV 26726-6783


Congratulations! Welcome to the greatest hobby on Earth!!

CLUB PRESIDENTS: See someone above from your county? Invite them to a

club meeting! Get them on the air and involved! (Addresses can be found






Because of the current Covid-19 emergency, please confirm that any listed hamfest has not been cancelled or postpone before the scheduled date.


05/03/2020 – Jackson County ARC Hamfest  – CANCELLED

Location: Ripley, WV
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Jackson County Amateur Radio Club


08/21/2020 | ARRL West Virginia State Convention

Location: Weston, WV

Type: ARRL Convention

Sponsor: West Virginia State Amateur Radio Council



If your organization is conducting a Hamfest in West Virginia, please

Be sure to let the League know ASAP.





If you’re planning your club’s program schedule, and would like to

have a WV Section ARRL Official present a program, send a request with

the necessary date/time information to We’ll get

something set up!





No one person can coordinate all the activities involved with the

West Virginia Section. Here are the volunteers who make it happen, with

the assistance of many others.


Section Manager                                                              Dan Ringer. K8WV

Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC)                              Spencer Graham, WT8WV

Assistant Section Manager (ASM)                             Jane Hardy, WV8JH

Mark Charles Kraham, W8CMK

Louise Ann. Rinehart, KA8ZGY

Karl S. Thompson, K8KT

Public Information Coordinator (PIC)                      Cory Sickles, WA3UVV

Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC)                     Michael E. Maxson, W8SI

State Government Liaison (SGL)                                Matthew J. Ahearn, KB2PNN

Section Traffic Manager (STM)                                   Kenneth D. Caplinger, WV8KDC

Section Youth Coordinator                                           William W. Stewart Sr, W2BSA

Technical Coordinator (TC)                                           Karl S. Thompson, K8KT


You can contact any of the cabinet members by email to <callsign>






WV Section NTS Traffic Reports –  February 2020
Submitted by Kenneth Caplinger, WV8KDC WV STM



HF Nets Reporting Stations Traffic Time Minutes Sessions Net Manager
WV Fone Net 800 54 582 29 W8YS
WV CW Net Early 82 21 191 28 KD8G
WV CW Net Late 89 13 170 27 KD8G
WV ARES/RACES 20 0 13 1 W8VZ
TOTAL 991 88 956 85  



ARES/RACES/2 Meter Nets Stations Traffic Time Min. Sessions
District 6 ARES/RACES 50 2 53 4
KARC 78 0 162 4
Pendleton Co. ARES 15 0 18 2
BDARC 57 0 122 4
Pocahontas Co. Coffee Net 109 0 474 12
Easteren Panhandle Traf Net 113 1 146 12
PHARC 53 0 134 4
Total 475 3 1109 42



6 Meter Net Stations Traffic Time Min. Sessions
Pocahontas 6 meter net 32 0 212 4



DIGITAL Stations Traffic Time Min. Sessions



Station Activity Report  (SAR) – February 2020
Station Orig Rec Sent Del Total
KA8ZGY 28 2 19 2 51
WD8DCH 0 4 37 2 43
Total 28 6 56 4 94
Public Service Honor Roll (PSHR) – February  2020  
Station 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total  
KA8ZGY 17 40 30 10 0 10 107  
WD8DHC 40 40 10 0 0 0 90  
TOTAL 57 80 40 10 0 10 197