Section Manager’s Report


January 2019

Dan Ringer, K8WV

West Virginia Section Manager



At its annual meeting January 18 – 19, the ARRL Board of Directors decided that the organization needs to “review, re-examine, and reappraise ARRL’s regulatory and legislative policy with regard to private land use restrictions.”

In order to effectively undertake such a review, the Board adopted a resolution to withdraw its December 18 Petition for Rule Making to the FCC, which sought to amend the Part 97 Amateur Service rules to incorporate the provisions of the Amateur Radio Parity Act (ARPA), without prejudice to refiling. The resolution also is asking members of Congress who had refiled legislation to enact the Amateur Radio Parity Act (ARPA) to refrain from seeking to advance that legislation pending further input from ARRL.

Board members noted that ARRL has been pursuing adoption of the ARPA for the past several years, and that objective has not yet been achieved. While everyone understands that getting Congressional approval on any matter can be a lengthy process, the difficulties getting the ARPA approved has been a source of frustration to the organization and its members. A majority of the Board now believes that there is a need to reassess the organization’s approach to this issue.

The Board wants to make clear to its members, and to those whose policies and conduct prevent or impair the right of US Amateur Radio operators to operate from their homes, that this pause is not, and should not be interpreted as an abandonment of its efforts to obtain relief from private land-use restrictions. The Board noted that its intent is “to renew, continue and strengthen the ARRL’s effort to achieve relief from such restrictions.” This action represents a chance to get the best product possible for all US Amateur Radio operators.

The Board expressed its sincere appreciation to the thousands of ARRL members who took the time to contact their representatives in Congress to urge them to support the Amateur Radio Parity Act. The Board also offered its thanks to those members of Congress who have consistently and continuously supported the rights of US Amateur Radio operators.



Are you looking for a club? Contact Spence Graham, WT8WV@arrl,net. He’s the Section Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC). He’ll hook you up with the club or clubs close to you. If there isn’t one, and you’d like to start one, we can help with that, also. Send a list of the Zip Codes in your area to, and he’ll get you a list of hams living in those codes. You might be surprised how many there are! Don’t know how to organize a club? We can help with that, too, contact



As of January 4, 2019

Stephen R Ellison, KE8LDJ, Union, WV 24983-6782

Timothy W Slack, KE8LBC, Belle, WV 25015-1819

Luke A Fleshman, KE8KZX, Charleston, WV 25311-1338

Ishmael F Harper, KE8KZY, Charleston, WV 25311-2170

Ranae Mcquaid, KE8LDK, Martinsburg, WV 25404-9123

Fred A Francis, AD8CO, Prichard, WV 25555-8013

Rick L Thompson, KE8LBA, Kistler, WV 25628-0200

Dallas J Mounts, KE8LBB, Wharncliffe, WV 25651-5102

Roger T Radcliff, KE8LCM, Parkersburg, WV 26101-9603

John D Addis, KE8LCL, Mineral Wells, WV 26150-9632

Roger Vankirk, AD8CN, Morgantown, WV 26501-2333

Laura M Mullenax, KE8LDL, Petersburg, WV 26847-7051


Congratulations! Welcome to the greatest hobby on Earth!!

CLUB PRESIDENTS – See someone above from your county? Invite them to a club meeting! Get them on the air and involved! (Addresses can be found at




03/23/2019 | West Virginia Section Convention (Charleston Hamfest & Computer Show)

Location: Charleston, WV
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: Charleston Hamfest Committee

08/23/2019 | West Virginia State Convention

Location: Weston, WV
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: West Virginia State Amateur Radio Council

If your organization is conducting a Hamfest in West Virginia, please be sure to let the League know ASAP.



Feb 11-15


ARRL/LIMARC Spring School Club Roundup

Feb 16-17 International DX CW Contest

Mar 2-3      International DX– Phone
Apr 14       Rookie Roundup – Phone


Get the details for ARRL contests at You can find very detailed information on the current month’s contests in the “Contest Corral column of QST, or at




If you’re planning your club’s program schedule, and would like to have a WV Section ARRL Official present a program, send a request with the necessary date/time information to We’ll get something set up!



Beginning in March, access to the FRN data will not be direct; you will have to access through the CORES, commission registration service.

You can go ahead now and set it up.  In the end, it will really not be a lot different than it is now, except you can’t go directly to anymore.

To create your CORES id, and associate it with your FRN, take these steps:

Look at the middle box, labeled “Need a Username?” and has a Register button in the middle.  Use the Register button.

This basically requires only an email address as your user name, and your full name.    I suggest using the same email address as you have for your current FRN access.

An email will be sent to you to confirm your user id.  Respond to it.

Then log in again at  this time, select the left box to log in.  You should see a list of options on a page:

Select the first one,  Associate Username to FRN   Link your registered username to an existing FRN.

It will want to know your FRN.  There are other search options you can use to find it.  You can also look yourself up on to find your frn.

Spencer Graham, ACC



ARES Monthly Section Emergency Coordinators Report

  1. ARRL Section West Virginia
  2. Month December
  3. Year 2018
  4. Total number of ARES members 443
  5. Number of DECs/ECs reporting this month 11
  6. Number of ARES nets active 22
  7. Number of nets with NTS liaison 16
  8. Calls of DECs/ECs reporting W8DUQ KD8AZC KC8FZH WV8BS KD8BMI



9a. Number of exercises & training sessions 32

9b. Person hours 200

10a. Number of public service events 6

10b. Person hours 43

11a. Number of emergency operations 0

11b. Person hours 0

12a Number of SKYWARN operations 0

12b. Person hours 0

13a. Total Activities 38

13b. Total person hours 247


Signature Michael Maxson W8SI

SEC West Virginia



WV Section NTS Traffic Reports –   December 2018
Submitted by Kenneth Caplinger, WV8KDC WV STM



HF Nets Reporting Stations Traffic Time Minutes Sessions Net Manager
WV Fone Net 747 55 535 31 W8YS
WV CW Net Early 66 6 157 27 KD8G
WV CW Net Late 59 25 195 26 KD8G
TOTAL 891 86 902 85  



ARES/RACES/2 Meter Nets Stations Traffic Time Min. Sessions
District 6 ARES/RACES 95 4 112 5
KARC 76 0 176 5
Pendleton Co. ARES 17 0 18 2
BDARC 43 0 94 4
Pocahontas Co. Coffee Net 108 0 514 13
Easteren Panhandle Traf Net 308 3 395 30
PHARC 58 0 223 5
Total 705 7 1532 64



6 Meter Net Stations Traffic Time Min. Sessions
Pocahontas 6 meter net        



DIGITAL Stations Traffic Time Min. Sessions



Station Activity Report  (SAR) – December 2018
Station Orig Rec Sent Del Total
KA8ZGY 34 4 12 2 52
WD8DCH 0 2 19 0 21
W8CPG 4 19 3 1 27
Total 38 25 34 3 100



Public Service Honor Roll (PSHR) – December  2018
Station 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total
KA8ZGY 16 40 15 5 0 10 86
WD8DHC 40 21 10 0 0 0 71
W8CPG 40 27 30 0 0 0 97
TOTAL 96 88 55 5 0 10 254