ARES - West Virginia 
ARES HF Net   First Thursday monthly  3.810 Mhz  or 7.235 Mhz   following the West Virginia Fone Net at 2200 UTC

Net Control Stations

JAN -                           FEB -                            MAR - 
APR -                           MAY -                           JUN - 
JUL -                            AUG -                           SEP - 
OCT -                           NOV -                           DEC - 
West Virginia RACES Net Control Script
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ARES Districts and Volunteer Staff
District Emergency Coordinators and Emergency Coordinators are needed in several of our counties. If you have an interest in filling one of these positions please use the form at the bottom of the page and our SEC, Mike Maxson, W8SI  or SM, Dan Ringer, K8WV will contact you.  Information regarding the responsibilites of the Coordinators can be found by following the link to the ARRL District Emergency Coordinator  or the Emergency Coordinator.
District One
District Emergency Coordinator: Justin Shaw - W8LPN
Emergency Coordinators:
            Hancock: Levi Anderson - KD8SKZ        
            Brooke: Mark Philips - N8UVQ          
            Ohio: Matthew J. Ahearn - KB2PNN
            Marshall: John Gorby - KC8FZH
            Wetzel: Open 
            Tyler: Open 
District Two
District Emergency Coordinator: Leslie Harris - KD8BMI
Emergency Coordinators:
            Doddridge: Open
            Monongalia: Leslie Harris - KD8BMI
            Marion: Open
            Harrison: Open
            Taylor: Open
            Preston: Open
District Three
District Emergency Coordinator: Kenneth Harris - WA8LLM
Emergency Coordinators:
            Pleasants: Open
            Ritchie: Charles Dotson - WB8NSL
            Wood: Terry Mills - KC8TUE
            Wirt: Open
            Jackson:  James Miller - WS8L
            Roane: Open
            Mason: Matthew Gregg - WV8MAT
District Four
District Emergency Coordinator:   Open
Emergency Coordinators:
            Lewis: Open
            Gilmer: Open
            Calhoun: Open
            Braxton:  Open
            Webster; Open
District Five
District Emergency Coordinator: Dirk Burnside - WD8PAD
Emergency Coordinators:
            Randolph: Jeffery A.  Broschart - KC8OBS
            Upshur: Dirk Burnside - WD8PAD
            Barbour: Douglas Cutlip - KC8AJH
            Tucker: Richard H. Hicks - WV8HIX           
            Pendleton: Eddie Caplinger - KD8MIB
            Pocahontas: Patrick Schaffner - KC8CSE
District Six
District Emergency Coordinator: Quentin Sayers - WV8BS
Emergency Coordinators:
            Jefferson:  Open
            Berkley: Open
            Morgan: Open
            Mineral: Quenetin Sayers - WV8BS
            Hampshire: Open
            Grant: Open
            Hardy: Scott A. Greenwalt - KD8AZC
District Seven
District Emergency Coordinator:  Open
Emergency Coordinators:
            Clay: Open
            Nicholas: Open
            Fayette:  Phillip Groves - N8SFO
            Raleigh: Douglas Lowe - N1EMP
District Eight
District Emergency Coordinator: Open
Emergency Coordinators:
            Wyoming: Open
            McDowell: Open
            Logan: Open
            Mingo: Open 
District Nine
District Emergency Coordinator: Gene Wright - W8NBG
Emergency Coordinators:
            Greenbrier: Gene Wright - W8NBG
            Monroe: Open
            Summers: Wayne McBride - KC8EHD
            Mercer: Open
District Ten
District Emergency Coordinator: Charles Herr - WD8AGH
Emergency Coordinators: 
            Kanawha: Jason Means - W8KTM
            Boone: Steve Justice - KE8BEE
            Putnam: Jim Stephens - NX8Z
            Lincoln: Keith Johnson - N8IKT
            Wayne:  Jeff Adkins - KD8LRZ
            Cabell: Charles Herr - WD8AGH                             
Monthly ARES Report
Complete the form below and click the submit button at the bottom.  ​​​​​​​​​​​Fill in ALL numeric fields, even if there is no activity to report. The report will be emailed to the Section Emergency Coordinator, Mike Maxson, W8SI. Please submit your report by the 5th of each month. 
Local ARES Net Name
Total Number of ARES Members (please use digits)
Number of Public Service Events (please use digits)
Number of Nets, Drills, Tests, and Training Sessions (please use digits)
Membership Change Since Last Month (enter 0 for no change; + / - with digits to indicate gain / loss)
Number of Emergency Operations (please use digits)
Total Person-Hours for Emergency Operations (please use digits)
Your Name and Callsign
Remarks (please include your email address)
NTS Liaison Net Name (Example: WV Fone Net; if no NTS Liaison, enter "none"
Total Person-Hours for Nets, Drills, Tests, and Training (please use digits)
Total Person-Hours for Public Service Events (please use digits)